Flourish in changing times

learn the knowledge and skills to co-create prosocial cultures

for ecocentric community resilience and action

 global            diverse            inclusive          connected

ecool camps

International ecosocial camps & leadership/ teacher training programs

 program CONTENT


How can we support young students to have the imaginative range... “to transcend the problematic ecological norms of the cultures in which they are nurtured

Kopnina, Sitka-Sage & Blenkinsop (2018) 


(To create) a just, resilient and inspired world grounded in cooperative learning communities, and empowered by the evolutionary science of human behavior.

Prosocial Schools (2021)



Camps and learning hubs at worldwide locations:

  • Pacific Northwest

  • Thailand

  • Spain

  • Morocco


Structured for diversity of participants and facilitators:

  • Ability

  • Gender

  • Socio-economics

  • Culture


Facilitating groups who have traditionally been excluded: 

  • Languages

  • Worldviews

  • Abilities

  • Identities


Global, diverse, & inclusive teams working together and sharing:

  • Interests

  • Ideas

  • Friendship

  • Skills & Knowledge

The ecool program

ecosocial education community outdoor leadership learning labs 

The ecosocial education communities ECOOL program begins with the 15 unit ECOOL foundations course or the ECOOL leadership course. These exploratory courses track ecocentric and prosocial aspects of our common and divergent cultural evolution to arrive at a place where we can more clearly perceive the challenges and possibilities facing us as a globalized culture in the Anthroposcene. Participants of all ages and backgrounds who have completed the foundations course become members of ecosocial education communities facilitated by graduates of the leadership course. The communities will operate as in person regional groups and international online cohorts. Their goal will be to develop and practice ecosocial educational curricula and actions as a diverse, inclusive, connected and global community to address identified challenges and possibilities for an ecocentric and  prosocial world.

blended delivery

Image by Andreas Gücklhorn

online learning

  •  Asynchronous video lessons

  • Response blogs 

  • Synchronous group discussion 

blog & chat

  • Global  group blog

  •  Personal and group skills development app

  • Skills group chat


  • Skills workshops

  • Group presentations

  • Mentoring laboratory


  • ECOOL Lab school camps 


  • Real World Lab group project

  • Multimendia presentations

transdisciplinary curriculum

Image by Joey Kyber

introduction course

regional camp

community project

community course 2

community course 3

Global hominid

Common heritage

Natural cycles for personal and community resilience

Common heritage 

 4 technologies

Cultures of regenerative living practices

Personal, ancestral, and community portfolio

Proactive and reactive aggression and self domestication theory

Positive psychology and personal, community, & global resilience

Global hominid Divergent heritages

Natural cycles for self determination & motivation

Toolmaking and the art & science of  tracking

Global hominid connection 

skills & actions

Protector, provider & life giver

Philosophy, worldviews, & aspirations

Ecosocial Education Communities & the

ECOOL Project

Psychological flexibility, constructive dialogue &  the global hominid


freedom, groups & economies

Community ecosocial economy plan


self worth & relatedness

Well being, health & meaning


about us

Our team of educators have been building connections between committed environmentalists  for over 25 years.

For the past 4 years we have been developing our ecool program in conjunction with Elders, academics, ecosocial educators & businesses, & regenerative living, traditional  & Indigenous communities. We invite you to contribute your passion, experience and knowledge to the project. 


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